Art of Nature

Somewhere between the childhood of fascination and the maturity of awareness lies my art.

Although I remember the beginning, I do not remember the instructions, if any. As a child I would visit the banks of the brook where the jack in the pulpit and trillium hide beneath the shadowing limbs of the trees. Something began to summon me so young in age. Intuitively, I knew inside, that outside was a world of information.

Maybe I went there to escape childhood chores, or maybe I went there being forced out because I was “in someone’ s hair,” I cannot recall, but the wilderness offered more mystery and more knowledge than I had room for in my childhood mind.

Eyes wide open- that’s one way to describe Mauli and the “work” she creates. She has mastered the art of design using natural and found products. Each preserved landscape, speaks softly of her love and respect for the natural world.

In our buzzing, spinning world, Mauli’s art reminds us to be still, to look deeply and re-connect with the magic of our diminishing natural surroundings. Her work just might take you back to your own childhood memory of playing in the woods. It’s obvious, Mauli still is.

Mauli’s work has won awards as has been featured in publications such as Yankee Magazine, NH Magazine, well wed, Carats and Cakes, as well as Log Home Living and Steven Tyler’s memories, Does the noise in my head bother you?

Three day exhibitor at Memorial Park on Bow St.