Ashley Procopio Jewelry

I consider myself to be primarily self-taught since my only formal training is from a metalsmithing class I took at the Brookline Arts Center a decade ago. The next time I touched metal was in 2015 when I built a studio in my apartment’s dining room and began a collection. I was determined for jewelry to be my ticket out of corporate America. I worked mornings, lunch breaks, nights, and weekends to get my business off the ground. Within 4 months, I had left my office job to pursued jewelry full-time.

Every piece is hand-fabricated by me. My work is primarily sterling silver and I occasionally integrate gold elements. I enjoy art, furniture, and vintage handbags to show history. For that reason, my jewelry has an industrial, worn appearance. I intentionally put scratch marks in my work and oxidized pieces to show texture. I’m drawn to imperfections.

My work is constantly evolving but there are some principles I will always stand behind: stay small, touch every piece, and create what I would wear. I have graduated from the dining room and my studio is now based at Stonybrook Fine Arts in Jamaica Plain.

Three day exhibitor on the lawn at Key Bank, located at 135 Main St.