Be See Music: Fri, Sat, Sun, 11am-4pm

Matthew John Perry, AD.vs.FX
Matt currently performs with multi-instrumentalist, Sean Grear in the improvisation-based duo, AD.vs.FX. As an audio engineer, music producer and disk jockey, Matt works primarily in New England and has volunteered 100+ shows for community radio station WMPG as well as contributed music scores for the TEDx project ‘Voices of Maine’.

Be See is my music alias, my government name is Matt. I love to produce unique sounding records, with heavy bass and glitchy samples. My style is mostly minimal with hard hitting drums and agressive stylings.

I’m most familiar with Apple’s digital audio workstation, Logic, and I have experience producing with Fruity Loops, ReNoise, and ProTools, skill and proficiency in that order.

Besides producing electronic music, I love to DJ. Recently I’ve begun to delve into the realm of mixing with stem files, and incorporating live visualizers into my performances.

I am currently a member of the live performance duo, AD.vs.FX. Together myself & Swik (Sean Grear), combine improvisation, electronic manipulation, and heavy bass drops, for trance inducing grooves.