Caroline Loder

For many years my creativity took flight in graphic design and advertising, but when I returned to Maine I also returned to my first love, painting. I brought with me a love for bold graphics and stalwart compositions. By the time I’ve set my brush to canvas, I’ve carefully considered what I want to paint and still I’m grateful that oil paint is a flexible medium, that it bends when I change my mind and forgives me when I have to step away. In a fast-paced world, I prefer slow, considered art and sometimes recall the old adage, “whatever is worth doing is worth doing well”. It’s the texture of objects, a cloud or a buoy, that captures my initial interest and holds my attention until the final brush stroke. It’s my goal that the initial impact of my work is one of discovery, curiosity, and revelation. When you look closer, I hope you are taken with the study of texture and an optimistic view that gives new understanding and appreciation for the maritime icons we pass by every day.

Three day exhibitor