East End Cupcakes

We bake to order and use only high quality ingredients, many of which are from local Maine farmers.
Here at East End we are passionate about giving you the highest quality product. Our signature buttercream is unlike most cake frostings you will find in the area. We use an Italian buttercream which produces a lighter, more delicate and less sweet result than an American buttercream.
Frosting (made with shortening and confectioner’s sugar) and American Buttercream (butter and confectioner’s sugar) are more commonly found. They tend to appeal more to children and have less complex flavor and texture than the buttercreams noted above. Frosting is a great alternative for those looking for a vegan option.
East End is dedicated to serving all members of the community, therefore we are happy to offer Gluten Free and Vegan cupcake options.

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Website: http://www.eastendcupcake.com
Contact: cupcakes@eastendcupcake.com