Eye Just Love That Photography

Daniel Saccardo EYE JUST LOVE THAT PHOTOGRAPHY I am a digital imaging specialist, graphic artist/designer, and photographer. I create fine art photographic prints that I mount into reclaimed and re purposed boxes and frames. Some of my pieces are embellished with stone, ink, paint, leaves, and other organic and inorganic materials. The photography in my custom photo boxes cover a wide range of subjects and genres that are inspiring and unusual for most eyes to behold. No matter what the subject, my photos often elicit an emotional response, allowing me to convey what words cannot. The images represent the many joyful, reflective, inspirational, and downright peculiar moments from my life and travels. My skills as a visual artist were honed over 30 years working in design firms and advertising agencies as a graphic designer, pre-press production artist, and imaging specialist. Since 2002 I have also operated my own successful fine art reproduction business, catering to fine artists and fine art photographers in the New England area. Today, I combine these disciplines to showcase my original work. Enjoy!