Feather & Scale

Goat farmer, chicken guru, garden geek and a self-sufficient wannabe. My family and I are building a better life in southern Maine, one DIY project at a time. Our farm, Feather and Scale Farm, is a small family farm in southern Maine that specializes in show quality Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats. In 2017 we achieved our goal of becoming licensed to sell our amazing raw goat milk products. Raw goat’s milk is our passion, and we are excited to be able to share that on a bigger level with our local community.

My hope is that by sharing our joys and woes with you, we can pass on a little wisdom, divide the heartache, and multiply joy.

Three day exhibitor on the lawn at Key Bank at 135 Main St.

Website: featherandscalefarm.com
Contact: featherandscalefarm.com/contact-us