GooeyGump Designs

My name is Allison and I am the owner and founder of this Maine-based creative business. I am a furniture artist, first and foremost, but I do have frequent love affairs with vintage shops, interior design, power tools, and other crafty goodness.

“Gooey Gump” came about as a childhood nickname given to me by my parents. It was a term of endearment when I faithfully went a little too far on a class project (…just *one* more flourescent swirl, star, or googley eye on a science fair poster meant that I had “gooey gumped” it up). It was an afternoon activity growing up as an only child  “Just go to your room and gooey gump something for a few hours until dinner is ready”.  And perhaps the most often as a replacement curse word when I inevitably splashed, spilled, or dumped, nail polish, puffy paints, or glitter onto my bedroom carpet. But in my defense, cream colored carpet for a messy kid?

What were they thinking?!

Three day exhibitor at West & Main