Kabyco Designs & Creations

Kabyco Designs are inspired by the sea, sand and earth with a little rock and roll thrown in. The jewelry line was established in 2006 and expanded in 2016 to include unisex gemstone belt buckles. Jewelry and accessories with clean lines that allow the natural gemstones to take center stage is an aesthetic goal. Selection of gems and being fastidious translates to accessories made with only the finest quality hand selected semi precious, precious gemstones and pearls. There is an emphasis in those gemstones that fire off a plethora of colors, such as Rainbow Moonstones, Labradorite and Opals. Metals used are oxidized sterling, sterling and 14k gold fill as well as accents of 14k gold.

  • Three day exhibitor
  • Contact: kabyco@yahoo.com
  • Website: kabyco.com