Seaglass and Silver

 Since 1969 I have made my living at Fine Arts and Craft Shows. Beginning with self publishing my poetry, I printed and hand bound the books, greeting cards and prints. In 1990 my friend Richard Handel of Bar Harbor Goldsmiths needed some help so I became a  jewelry guy also. My designs have won a number of awards  and Best of Show honors. My specialty (at the moment) is Maine Sea Glass set in Handmade silver, though I am secretly dabbling in some Steam Punk designs. I also work in shell, stone and semi precious stones, even Dinosaur Bone,  Most everything I make is a ‘One of a kind’. When in Bar Harbor you can find a selection of my work at Eden Rising, 39 Cottage Street. OK, so now that you’ve read this come see me at the show.

Three day exhibitor on the L.L.Bean Campus.

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