Maine-ly Stepping Stones

Our stepping stones are completely handcrafted in Maine, they are made with a crack-resistant fiber reinforced concrete and the designs are made from stained glass. The stepping stones are able to withstand all types of weather including the ice and snow up here in Maine, so if you forget to bring them inside or chose to leave them outside you should have no worries.
Claudia is the artist and creates the designs from stained glass she cuts by hand, Ron makes the stones and creates the smooth finish also completely by hand.
Ron is a native of Maine and retired from the United States Air force. Claudia hails from around the Saint Louis Missouri area but fell in love with Maine on her first visit here back in 2000. Claudia and Ron have been making stepping stones since early 2010 when they left the Mid-West and moved to Maine permanently to be closer to Ron’s family.

Three day exhibitor at West & Main