Ryan Kohler Paintings

I am an oil painter working in Skowhegan, ME.  I received a BA in Art from the University of Maine at Augusta in 2011 with a concentration in drawing.  Each painting is a one of a kind original (no prints) of my own design and execution.  My subject matter ranges from trucks, tractors and architecture to florals, plein air work and still lifes.  I am interested in the formal aspects of representational painting ie. composition/color/form/texture etc. but focus mostly on finding abstract yet implicit shapes, capturing lighting effects in the natural world, and trying to find ways to simplify my subjects.  My paintings are done in a modern impressionist style, boldly colored and often with a wry and playful sense of curiousness. My canvases can range from only 8×10 to as large as 36×48 and beyond.

Two day exhibitor
Contact: ryankohlerpaintings@gmail.com
Website: http://www.ryankohlerpaintings.com/