Sea Rose Studio

About Me
I was born and raised in the small mid-coast Maine towns of Owls Head and Thomaston. Upon graduation from high school, I attended the Chamberlayne School of Design in Boston, MA, and then moved on to the University of Southern Maine in Gorham, ME to complete my Bachelor of Fine Arts.  After discovering (the hard way) that the business of making art was not as lucrative as my professors would have led me to believe, I completed graduate work in Special Education and Educational Leadership.

Currently, I live in Windham, ME with my daughters, and work in the field of special education.  I am also the owner of Sea Rose Studios, creating fine art, home products and accessories inspired by nature and coastal Maine living.  Everything I create is made by hand in the corner of my living room.

Fine Art
​My paintings focus on the juxtaposition of the industrial and the organic. I find beauty architecture as well as in nature and try to combine these two different subject areas into one cohesive representation. I’m drawn to finding ways to create organic geometry, and to incorporate sculptural elements into my work.  Frequently, I am asked about my process.  When choosing images, I rely on sentimental favorites from my home state, and other things that I just find interesting.  My canvases are composed with multiple layers, starting with a base of acrylic paint and layered with pen and ink drawings on vellum.

When creating accessories and items for the home, I choose images that reflect my coastal childhood…lobster boats, lighthouses and flowers are among my subjects.  I use a hand screening process to create each piece from the design, to burning the screen, to pulling the ink myself, all of the work is done in my living room.

Three day exhibitor at West & Main