Sew Fetch Dog Collars

I am a dog mom of two and a real mom of one little boy. In my spare time (HAHA who is joking, I have no spare time) I enjoy making high quality heavy duty dog collars in lots of fabulous prints!! This started as a hobby with the ultimate goal of making some cute collars for our fur critters Mia and Wyatt. After people started seeing my prints, I made some for local friends and from there it just snowballed! (Literally, I’m from Maine, lots of snow!)

My workshop is an old kitchen table in my laundry room. I had to move from our regular kitchen table when I started getting a little busier, my fiancé was all OCD about the mess I had made. I sew whenever the baby gives me a chance, which is pretty much only at night and on the weekends during nap time.

These collars are made with heavy duty nylon with grosgrain ribbon sewn on. That is what allows me to make so many fancy prints, I sew the ribbons on myself.

Three day exhibitor on the lawn at Key Bank, located at 135 Main St.