Soul Path Art

Fear and logic were leading my life. My soul and intuition were a distant whisper. Intellect, reason, my left brain, had been in the driver’s seat for years and the results were not good. I was not finding that illusive happiness and sense of purpose we all seek. So I made a pledge not to make any major decisions until I was unified. And I set about listening, watching, and waiting for my soul to speak.

Six months later I had a dream that called me to reignite my artistic self. It showed me art was a pathway to knowing and healing myself, and creating my future. After 20 years in graphic design I had found my passion and I decided to let it lead the way. Creativity rushed in, filling me with inspiration. I simultaneously discovered my deep desire to help others find their passion, and to create in community. Over the course of 2017 my new business, my soul path, came into focus. In October 2017 I completed training as a Certified Creatively Fit Coach.

My mission is to inspire and guide those being called to their own Soul Quest: the journey back to you. Through online classes, in-person workshops, 1-1 coaching, and as a speaker at events I share creativity as a tool to connect to your inner wisdom, discover your soul’s desire, and catalyze personal transformation into the life you came her to live!

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