Wharf Warp

Maine is known for its rocky coastline, maritime history and LOBSTER. We are proud to call it home! We are a husband and wife team and lifelong Mainers. After recent career changes, we are taking the time to enjoy our creative sides. And so evolved Wharf Warp.

What is Wharf Warp? A Wharf is a structure projecting into a harbor so that vessels may moor alongside to receive and discharge cargo. Warp is a series of threads on a loom over and under which other threads are passed…i.e. rope. Another rope term used in the lobstering industry is pot warp. Pots are the traps used to catch lobsters. The pot warp connects the buoys on the surface to the traps on the ocean bottom.

Lobstermen use thousands of feet of pot warp to secure and pull traps. After years of work in the Maine waters the warp loses its strength and usefulness. When old fishing gear is no longer functional it can end up littering wharves, filling dumpsters and entangling sea life. We help divert this material from an unfitting end. To maintain inventory and provide a custom color option, we also purchase new pot warp. Both types of rope are sorted, measured, designed and woven into wreaths, mats, dog toys and other creations in our Freeport, Maine barn.

Three day exhibitor in Memorial Park on Bow St., next to The Hilton Garden Inn

Website: http://wharfwarp.com/